A small group of dedicated villagers of Aravali (Dist Sindhudurg, Maharashtra in India) now settled in Mumbai made a humble and modest attempt of extending a helping hand to their less privileged brothern in their remote and backward region. This was somewhere a decade ago and today all these activities are entrusted to Aravali Vikas Mandal (AVM), a NGO registered trust for social and welfare activities.

For the benefit of backward and undeveloped region with Aravali as a nucleus, AVM undertook work primarily in supporting Primary Education and Health care as a priority areas of concern. Accordingly AVM is actively implementing the programs in above fields in addition to discharging its social responsibility of helping extremely helpless villagers suffering from natural calamities like flood, cyclone or fire.

The absence of permanent health care facilities in the region was a serious & urgent matter to be taken up by AVM on priority. This resulted in a project of full-fledged mini rural Hospital to be implemented in three phases . The work started as a social responsibility. The funding was planned merely through donations from individual and charitable institutions. With the timely response from trust like Shri Siddivinayak Temple Trust, Prabhadevi and thousands of donors from all walks of life, AVM has been able to commission and continue the services of first phase of its dream project AMARC. The main aim of providing the world-class medical services at affordable costs is partially fulfilled by successful implementation of first phase of the project in April 1999.

AVM's primary objective is the overall development of this village and surrounding region educationally, socially and culturally by creating and nurturing all infrastructure supports to make it an ideal peaceful village of new millennium.

The first task ahead of AVM is to complete the balance two phases of this AMARC hospital. In the next page, whatever little achieved is placed before you to judge and honor us with your valuable assistance for early completion of the unfinished tasks!